Giving Back

At Chobani, we believe the most important thing we make is a difference. And we do this by volunteering our time, donating our products and supporting impactful charitable projects and programs. We aim to strengthen the communities we call home and make good food accessible to everyone.


Chobani, has a long-standing partnership with Foodbank Victoria through regular product donations. We donate yogurt that is distributed to Foodbank outlets across the country, helping provide food to Aussies in need. Our commitment of regular weekly donations allows us to produce yogurt specifically for Foodbank, ensuring a longer shelf-life and the ability to distribute product to charities all across Australia.

Since 2012, Chobani has donated the equivalent of over 1 million meals for Aussie families and we continue to work closely with Foodbank to support their mission of putting an end to food insecurity.

Dandenong South Primary School

Chobani, has been supporting Dandenong South Primary School since 2013, providing yogurt and fresh fruit to students through the school’s Breakfast Club program. We believe that all children should have access to a nutritious breakfast, giving them the fuel they need for a day of learning.

In 2021, Chobani expanded its support of Dandenong South Primary through the donation of digital devices for the school’s Discovery Centre. This interactive learning facility will provide students with hands-on learning opportunities across areas of STEM.


At Chobani, we love getting involved in our local community and working together to make a difference to those around us.
Through the Dandenong South Primary School Breakfast Club program, members of our team volunteer each week to help serve breakfast to students.

Our team has also volunteered for Clean Up Australia Day and National Tree Day throughout the years in the local Dandenong area. Through these activities, we have been able to plant native trees, restoring the local ecosystem, and collect rubbish to conserve our environment and prevent waste from ending up in our waterways.